What is the molar mass of fluorine, F2? 9.00 g/mol 18.00 g/mol 19.00 g/mol 38.00 g/mol

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What is the molar mass of fluorine, F2? 9.00 g/mol 18.00 g/mol 19.00 g/mol 38.00 g/mol


Answer is: the molar mass of fluorine is 38.00 g/mol.

M(F₂) = 2 · Ar(F) · g/mol.

M(F₂) = 2 · 19.00 · g/mol.

M(F₂) = 38.00 g/mol.

Molar mass M represent the mass of a substance (in this example molecule of florine) divided by the amount of substance.

Ar is the atomic weight of a chemical element (in this example fluorine).

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