Which statement BEST describes the Bolshevik Revolution?

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Which statement BEST describes the Bolshevik Revolution?A) It was begun by Joseph Stalin.
B) It began a civil war in Russia.
C) It toppled Tsar Nicholas II from power.
D) It prevented Russia from exiting World War I.


B) It began a civil war in Russia.

The civil war in Russia encompasses the years 1917 until 1923, resulting from the Russian Revolution of October 1917. The event took place in the midst of World War 1, Russia had to surrender to Germany and give up many territories in East Europe.

– Once the conflict with Germany was over the Civil war in Russia broke:

The revolution ended monarchical rule, as the Communist takeover deliberately erased any trace of ancient regime in the later socialist state that resulted: The USSR

The civil war was a confrontation between 2 major factions: the Mencheviques and the Bolsheviks, that differ in the way the social and economic transformation of Russia had to be carried on.

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The western powers favored a more conservative government so they often helped the conservative faction to fight the Red Army, but were uncapable in restablishing the old regime. As the figure of Lenin and the Russian Bolsheviks became increasingly popular the revolution changed the course of History.

The new geopolitical order resulted in a macrostate encompassing neighboring countries who were eager to embrace socialist thinking and united in the formation of Soviet U.S.S.R.

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