Which comment is about the diction of a story?

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Which comment is about the diction of a story?A. When the author provides little exposition and conflict at the beginning of a story, the reader can easily get bored.
B. The author’s building of characters through action allows the reader to guess at their personalities.
C. The author’s use of kennings allows her to maintain the rhythm of each line of poetry.
D. When the author develops a character through only direct characterization, the reader will lose the thrill of discovery.


The comment that is regarding the diction of a narrative would be:

C). The author’s use of kennings allows her to maintain the rhythm of each line of poetry.


  • Diction” is characterized as the word choice that the author employs to communicate his/her intended message or meaning to the readers.
  • This assists the author in serving his/her purpose successfully by developing the mood, atmosphere, or feeling through diction.
  • The usage of “Kennings” exemplifies this and thus, option C is the correct answer.
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