Which story element is most often found in dystopian fiction ?

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Which story element is most often found in dystopian fiction ?A) government oppression
B) supernatural experiences
C) planets other than earth
D) advanced technology


The correct answer is A. Government oppression


Dystopian fiction is a literary genre that explores hypothetical social or political situations, contrary to utopian fiction the literary works that belong to the dystopian fiction do not depict ideal realities, but undesirable ones. Because of this, many dystopian fictions novels and literary works explore the loss of humanity, natural disasters and the oppression from government and other authorities that stop humans from being free and that led to a decline in society creating oppressive and difficult situations for the characters involved. Considering this, one element that is often found in dystopian fiction is the government oppression, which is mainly expressed through totalitarian government whose actions made the characters be in an undesirable or difficult reality as they cannot be free to pursue their desires or wishes, which supports the decline of societies depicted in dystopian fiction.

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