Does this graph show a function? Explain how you know.

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Does this graph show a function? Explain how you know.5
A. Yes; the graph passes the vertical line test.
B. No; there are y-values that have more than one x-value.
C. Yes, there are no y values that have more than one x-value.
D. No; the graph fails the vertical line test.


The correct option is D.  No,  the graph fails the vertical line test.

What is vertical line test?

The vertical line test is a graphical method of determining whether a curve in the plane represents the graph of a function. It is done by visually examining the number of intersections of the curve with vertical lines.

In the given graph, the graph of a function intersects the y axis twice.

Any vertical line in the x y plane must intersect the graph of a function at most once.

Thus, the correct option is D.

Learn more about  vertical line test.


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