2.56 g of hydrogen reacts completely with 20.3 g of oxygen to form X g of water. X =___g

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2.56 g of hydrogen reacts completely with 20.3 g of oxygen to form X g of water. X =___g



22.9g of H₂O are produced


The reaction of hydrogen with oxygen is:

2H₂(g) + O₂(g) → 2H₂O(g)

Where 2 moles of hydrogen react with 1 mole of oxygen to produce 2 moles of water

Moles of hydrogen are:

2.56g × (1mole / 2.01g) = 1.27moles H₂

Moles of oxygen are:

20.3g × (1mole / 32g) = 0.634moles O₂

These moles of oxygen react with:

0.634moles O₂ × (2mol H₂ / 1mol O₂) = 1.27mol H₂

-All hydrogen in reaction-

And produce:

0.634moles O₂ × (2mol H₂O / 1mol O₂) = 1.27mol H₂O

In grams:

1.27mol H₂O × (18.01g / 1mol) = 22.9g of H₂O are produced

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