What prediction does the text best support?

Students were asked over to answer a question at schools and to state what is most important for them to succeed. Of many comments, the one that that stood out was practice. People who are usually successful do not become successful by being born. They work hard and dedication their lives to succeeding. If you want to accomplish your goals, keep this in mind! just below are one of the answer and question example that you could possibly use to practice and improve your understanding and also give you insights that could just guide you to sustain your study in school.


What prediction does the text best support?Helmer is going to change how he treats Nora.
Helmer is going to leave Nora and the children.
Nora is going to leave Helmer and the children.
Nora is going to tell Helmer to treat her better.



Nora is going to tell Helmer to treat her better.


From the text, it can be predicted that “Nora is going to tell Helmer to treat her better”.

We can deduce that when Nora stated that she has not be happy but rather merry, she was pointing out to Helmer that she wanted to be merry and not just merry.

Nora pointed out that their marriage has been more of playing and catching fun but still felt that there is something better that can come forth from the marriage. So, the prediction is that she will tell Helmer to treat her better.

Option D is the correct answer.

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From the answer and question examples above, hopefully, they may guide the student answer the question they had been looking for and take note of all the things declared in the answer above. Then would certainly have some sharing in a group discussion and also learning with the classmate regarding the topic, so another student also ought to have some enlightenment and still keeps up the school learning.

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