What is the following quotient 6-3(^3√6)/^3√9

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What is the following quotient 6-3(^3√6)/^3√9



Step-by-step explanation:

We first rationalize the denominator.  This means we multiply the numerator and denominator by a factor that will make the denominator a whole number.

Our denominator is ; this can also be written as .

For 9 to be a whole number, its exponent must be a whole number.  We want to add 2/3 to the exponent of 9 on the bottom; this means we multiply by :

On the numerator, this gives us:



On the denominator, we will have:

(9^(1/3))(9^(2/3)) = 9^(3/3) = 9^1 = 9

This gives us:

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